About us


Raffoul Development is a real-estate developer based in Athens, Greece. The Company was established with a vision to become one of the most prominent names in the fields of construction and development in Greece.
Given the expertise of its founder in the construction sector, the Company is capable of undertaking any real-estate project from onset to execution and sales. Our services include, but are not limited to:
-Buying promising plots;
-Financing the projects;
-Developing the design and acquiring all necessary permits;
-Managing the projects’ execution;
-Ensuring the sales of the apartments as and when applicable; and
-Managing the properties after sales.
Since its establishment in 2018, Raffoul Development has been redefining smart investments and rich living experiences. The Company is growing organically into a reputable developer as it is making use of a well-established experience in the construction sector and benefiting from worldwide public relations to market what it does. 
Further, the Company’s management and staff are determined to constantly anticipate people’s needs and aspirations. Their work embodies the highest quality standards not only in construction but also in the project’s functionality. As a result of the previous characteristics, Raffoul Development is rising to become one of the most trusted real-estate firms in Greece.  
The Company also focuses on city dynamics and provides a wide variety of options tailored to the needs of the population. Raffoul Development attributes particular importance to esthetics, establishing contact with nature and blending in the surrounding neighborhood to maintain architectural uniqueness. These values are reflected through their multi-million projects located in the city of Athens.


Property Purchasing

Raffoul Development handpicks properties for future investments after meticulous market and property analysis and financial feasibility studies. Purchased properties are strategically located and satisfy a list of criteria that guarantee successful investments and profitable returns.

Project Management

Raffoul Development delivers on its real-estate promises by subcontracting the best specialists in the fields and micro-managing every step of the construction process.

Our project management team will be present from the project onset to its delivery. During the design conception phase, the project management team will help define the project deliverables and provide valuable technical input with the different designers. Afterwards, the team will oversee and ensure the timely acquisition of permits and regulatory prerequisites.

Prior to the start of construction, we will select, negotiate and liaise with the most competent subcontractors in the market. Accordingly, we will set a budget and a timeline for the project based on scope of work and resource requirements. 

Upon construction start, our management team will administer the subcontracts’ execution, manage the construction schedule and budget and guarantee the work is done in compliance with the contract, the relevant codes and the highest quality standards.

Our team’s presence on-site and off-site ensures a proper coordination of the efforts between architects, designers, engineers, and subcontractors and the timely delivery of the project with a firm handshake.

Apartment Sales

Raffoul Development’s services are not limited to land purchasing and property development. Its services also include promoting innovatively the apartments built and ensuring its sales. We deploy multifaceted marketing strategies combining the most innovative and effective digital and physical advertising techniques. We also proudly benefit from a wide local and international base of trusted clientele. Further, our real-estate agents are highly trained to showcase the uniqueness of our properties. They will introduce the clients to our apartments through guided tours, answer all their queries and follow-up on their offers.

Legal Services

With our affiliated legal firm,  we provide our clients with a full range of legal services regarding investing in real estates, both on international and domestic bases. 
Specifically, we conduct due deligence on properties of interest to assess if these properties are suitable for investment and satisfy the specific needs of our client.
We resolve any lingering disputes on properties and conduct negotiations on behalf of our client, as and when needed. 
Further, we advise on property sales and manage all  pertaining legal documents, licensing and registration procedures. 
Most importantly, we introduce our clients to the Golden Visa program, when applicable: The Golden Visa Program entitles non-European clients to obtain the right of free movement to Greece and Europe’s Schengen Area following a sizeable investment in Greece.
We guide our clients in making adequate investments that ensure they satisfy the requirements for the Program.
We also take charge of and follow up on the application process to optimize processing time and maximize returns.

After Sales

We offer our clients after-sales services that guarantee a worry-free investment. Particularly, we attend to any and all requests for assistance or information and we entertain all requests for minor changes in the apartments.

In addition, and upon clients’ request, we offer property management services to ensure proper functioning of the establishment. The previous includes maintenance, payment collection from tenants and bill payment to suppliers.

More importantly, we manage our clients’ portfolios and properties as required, advertising properties and signing rental or acquisition contracts with new tenants in record times. 




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Our Vision

  • We are committed to become one of the most prominent and reliable names in the fields of property development in Greece.
  • To achieve this, we consistently strive to provide you with unparalleled service that satisfies your every need.

Our Mission

  • We have put our engineering and research expertise to provide you with a unique and unmatched service in property development, answering your every need.
  • Our purpose is to satisfy the Greek market demand for premium residential apartments and commercial properties.

Our Values

We strive to build personalized relationships with every client that honor our intrinsic values:

  • Commitment to Clients

We understand and value our customers and strive to deliver their expectations upholding the utmost levels of integrity.

  • Excellence

We target the highest standards of quality and professionalism in all of our services.

  • Resourcefulness

We use our expertise and innovation to find optimal solutions for all your requirements and needs.